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Welcome to Stellar Road Financial Group

A leading provider of comprehensive, fully integrated private capital and consultation services for institutional and individual clients.

The possession of wealth is an exceptional opportunity and responsibility. To be effective, it requires the integration of a wide variety of specialized expertise and complex interaction between these experts and various legislative and regulatory agencies.

Our focus at Stellar Road Financial Group (SRFG) is to work with you to construct and maintain the financial picture that meets your individual needs.Stellar Road Financial Group is a (QIB) Qualified Institutional Buyer. We constantly seek the right opportunities in purchasing Medium and Long Term Notes. We welcome Mandates and Brokers who have direct access to Notes. We can settle DVP on Euroclear or DTCC. Note: We are not a licensed security firm nor do we offer any advisory services. We purchase Notes through our licensed security firms. All transactions will be completed by our broker dealers upon an agreed purchase price.